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It is school holiday time and it is pouring with rain. The perfect kind of weather for curling up with a good book to read knowing that you don't have to be out and about in the pouring rain but can stay warm, snuggly and dry indoors.

Zac worked this morning and on his way home just couldn't resist buying himself two new PS3 games to play so that is keeping him busy and occupied. Doesn't he look so pleased with himself and his new purchases. Wonder how long these games might keep him occupied before he has managed to complete them. It never seems to be long enough compared to the $$$ is costs to buy them. Sigh..... Still one can't complain when he is out working and earning his own dollars to be able to buy what he wants.

Kyle got daddy to load some talking books for him to listen to on daddy's ipod touch so he has been busy playing them today.

Yes both of my boys rely on modern technology to keep them occupied as neither like the sound of silence. No matter what they are doing, they both have to be surrounded by noise at all times.

Even though it has turned rather cool today after the warm temperatures we have been used to lately Kyle is still happily munching away on iceblocks.

A peaceful and relaxing day. Just about to organise some Easter crafts for Kyle to make and then he wants to make some cupcakes. Cooking is always a great way to encourage Kyle to eat something. The school sent a flyer home advertising cooking classes for kids during the holidays which I am sure Kyle would love. Sadly we don't have the necessary $$$ right now to send him as not only would he be cooking which he enjoys but also a great way for him to socialise with other children.

If you are looking for a good books to read then you want to check out my latest read by Robyn Carr - Promise Canyon.

Promise Canyon is book 13 in Robyn's Virgin River series. This series of books is such a great read and I would highly recommend them to all.

Happy Monday everyone.

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